Credit Repair Testimonial

Ever feel like something is missing?

Credit repair is not easy without help. However, repairing credit is not an insurmountable task. Many have done it and most anyone can.

Bad credit is the ultimate dream-thief.  But good credit can make dreams come true. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Because, what does it take to make dreams come true in America today? Given some thought, is there anything important or fun that doesn’t require either money or credit? Buying a dream home? Having children? Putting them through college? Donating to charity? Even getting others to donate to charity? Or buying that dream car? Or even just buying a reliable car that doesn’t break the budget.

One person wrote: “I had a 423 Credit Score 10 years ago. I wrote letters, agreed and paid 50% on the debts I owed and pretty quickly recovered from it and was able to buy a home. . . . My mortgage broker calls me a success story. I took his advice and wrote the letters, negotiated my debt and today . . today, I have amazing credit and have since been able to buy 4 homes, including my dream home I now live in!”

That was a clever broker who was able to tell what to do and how to do it. Fortunately no litigation was required, just the basics. Anyone can do this. Most all of the steps required for most credit repair doesn’t require more than just the right letters, and negotiating a few of the debts if they are still fresh enough that they will have to be paid.

Most of the time, credit repair won’t require more than this. Writing the right letters to the right people and speaking to them in the right way, and on top of that settling debts when necessary.  I asked if I could use the testimonial got the yes, of course, or I wouldn’t be writing this post right now.

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