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I’ve been a bankruptcy attorney for about 20 years and when it comes to credit, I’m the Grim Reaper. I am Charon, and I ferry you across to the land where your debts have deceased. For a small fee of course. Sometimes your debts die a long slow death and usually it’s quick and painless. However, Good Credit is the collateral damage. I ruin credit for a living. 

So when my own credit needed a spit and polish some years back, I did what most people do, I looked up a credit repair service or credit repair attorney and paid them to repair my credit. For a bunch of money they said yes. Great, I handed over my money and then a little later, we went in for an appointment to sign some paperwork. 

The paperwork consisted in a bunch of letters disputing everything in my credit reports which impaired my potentially positive credit rating. Once I saw those letters and how they were written, I realized that I could have done all of those letters myself without much difficulty. I hadn’t had any idea that the process was going to be as simple as it was. I was wholly annoyed at how little work it would have been for me to figure it out on my own. I’m an attorney so that was something that I was good at to begin with.  I had just been so busy that I didn’t feel like trying to figure it out because that would have required digging into code sections of the federal codes that I hadn’t been familiar with at that time. 

Even worse, I happened on the fact that they were using a handy dandy guide to do the work. A book with templates and instructions that would have told me exactly what I would have needed to do in order to repair my own credit myself without having to pay anyone to do it for me. 

Get the same Guide and Follow the program to skyrocket that credit score. 

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