I Bargained With Life for a Penny

I Bargained with Life for a Penny
I bargained with life for a penny and life would pay no more . . .

I paid off my 2nd mortgage, except for a single penny. Clearly it was an accident thanks to our escrow or maybe our Credit Union. Our loan broker did excellent work for us when we refinanced last year. However, there was a miscommunication between the escrow and the Credit Union which held our 2nd mortgage. I have no idea which was culprit, for the size of the error, there should be no culprit at all; except for what happened next.

The Credit Union sent something to me saying there was a balance due, the penny. I knew the 2nd mortgage and credit card were paid off so I didn’t even open it. Neither did anyone else for the same reason. Another month later, the Credit Union reported the account was 60 days late and my credit score took a 99 point spanking.

I was outraged, of course.

We opened up the Attorney’s Guide to Credit Repair and reviewed what to do next. Taking a cue from the Attorney’s Guide to Credit Repair we actually threatened a lawsuit, and I’m still thinking maybe I should sue them anyway. But the damage is undone so I suspect that if I sue the judge will say that the question is moot. Besides, I don’t like suing people, it’s not fun. 

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